PIZZ-NIC – the professional pizza-oven for your home!

If you have already bought or if you are considering to buy one of our B-STEAK ONE barbecue grills, PIZZ-NIC is going to revolutionize your kitchen.  Invite your friends and family and surprise them with a great pizza, cooked evenly and fragrant like only professionals are able to cook it.
PIZZ-NIC is made of a solid structure in stainless steel which guarantees a long-lasting duration of the product. It is composed of two separate units:  a refractory hotplate guaranteeing a perfect cooking and an insulating lid, which maintains the optimal temperature.
The handles, made of stainless steel, allow you to carry your pizza oven everywhere you want and, after using it, there’s no need to spend a lot of time in cleaning it: due to its prime quality materials you  will be able to cook avoiding that the pizza is stuck on the hotplate.
The integrated thermometer, the high insulation and the ovens swing door complete the scale of technical solutions that we created for you in order to make your cooking experience even more secure.
Furthermore, you can change between many different accessories such as the kneader, the shovel to cook or to put your pizza into the oven and the cooking nets in various forms in order to guarantee a pleasant and comfortable cooking.